​ Birth date 10/12/1932

 Birth place – St Louis , Missouri

-        The first black stand up comic to break the color barrier in major nightclubs in the early 1960s

-        He had a lifetime commitment to civil rights and other social justice issues.

-        Dick Gregory was an author , lecturer , nutrition guru and self described agitator who marched , ran and fasted to call attention to issues ranging from police brutality to world famine.

-        In 1962 he received a invitation from civil rights leader Medgar Evers to speak at voter registration rallies in Jackson , Mississippi which launched Gregory into what he called “the civil rights fight.

-        In 2000 Gregory protested police brutality in New York and Detroit and went to Kentucky to demand the hiring of black school principals.

-        In 2010 after the earthquake in Haiti he announced his plan to go on a 20-day fast to maintain public awareness of the need for ongoing Haitian relief.

-        Gregory became more and more involved in fasting and marathon running , activities that he practiced as a personal witness to call attention to social issues , he has fasted a number of times to publicize the world hunger program , to draw attention to the nation’s drug abuse epidemic , and to emphasize the plight of the American Indians.

-        In between writing books and speaking on health and social issues with fiery passion on the lecture circuit , Gregory continued his activism.​