​ ​Birth place : Colchester, Ontario

 Birth Date 05/02/1844

-      Elijah McCoy had a mechanical interest at a very young age

-        His parents George and Emillia McCoy were former slaves who escaped through the underground railroad

-        George and Emillia saved money to send Elijah to Edinburgh Scotland , where he ended up finishing his studies as a “master mechanic and engineer”

-        After finishing his studies Elijah returned to the united states which had just seen the end of the civil war

-        Elijah was unable to find work as a engineer after moving to Ypsilanti, Michigan , he was forced to take on a position as a fireman/Oilman

-        In 1872 he developed a “lubricating cup” in efforts to improve the efficiency and eliminate the frequent stopping necessary for lubrication of the train , he received a patent for the device later that year.

-        In 1916 McCoy created the graphite lubricator which allowed new super heater trains and devices to be oiled.

-        In 1920 Elijah established the “Elijah McCoy manufacturing Company” He improved and sold the graphite lubricator as well as other inventions which came to him out of necessity.

-        He developed and patented a portable ironing board after his wife expressed a need for an easier way of ironing clothes.

-        Created and patented the lawn sprinkler.

-        In 1922 Elijah and Mary were involved in an automobile accident and both suffered severe injuries , Mary would die from the injuries and Elijah’s health suffered for several years until he died in 1929.