Birth date – October 6 1949

Birth place – Mobile , Alabama

-        His Father worked as a civilian driver at brookley air force base.

-        His Mother was a homemaker who worked part time as a nurses aide.

-        His Father taught him and his brothers how to repair various household items at a young age.

-        As a senior he took part in a national science competition sponsored by the university of Alabama , there he displayed a remote controlled robot names “Linex” which he built from scraps found at a junkyard and parts of his brothers walkie-talkie and his sisters reel to reel tape recorder , he place first in the competition and entered Tuskeegee University on a mathematics scholarship.

-        In 1973 he was elected into the Pi Tau Sigma National Engineering Honor Society and graduated with distinction with a Bachelor of science degree in Mechanical Engineering.

-        After graduation he took a position at the Savannah River National Laboratory , conducting thermal analysis on plutonium fuel spheres , he later served as a research engineer , developing cooling systems at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Oak Ridge Tennessee , he then joined the air force and was assigned to the Air Force Weapons Laboratory in Albuquerque , New Mexico where he served as the Acting Chief of the Space Nuclear Power Safety Section.

-        In 1973 he left the airforce and took over as senior systems engineer as NASA’s jet propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California where he worked on the Stealth Bomber.

-        Around 1982 he was working on developing a heat pump that would work by circulating water rather then expensive and environmentally unfriendly Freon. In his basement at home, he took some tubing with a specially devised nozzle on the other end and connected it to a bathroom sink. When he turned on the faucet, a stream of water shot out of the nozzle across the room with such force that the air currents caused the curtain to move. His first though was “this would make a great water gun”

-        Johnson then set out to develop a pressurized water gun that was safe enough for children to play with , after developing more and more models and securing a patent in 1991 , Johnson was then introduced to Al Davis , an executive with Larimi Corp , at a new york city toy fair. Two weeks later Johnson was in Larimi’s Headquarters in Philadelphia. The executives watching the demonstration all exclaimed “Wow!” their only concern was whether anyone would pay $10.00 for a squirt gun. After signing a deal with Johnson’s company (Johnson research and development CO INC) they would all be in for a big surprise.

-        Within 10 years more then 200 million super soakers had been sold , the gun had gone through many modifications and expansions , Johnson was later inducted into the Inventor Hall of Fame in 2000.