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​Most convincing of the presence of Africans in the New World is, of course, the famous colossal stone head of Tres Zapotes No. 2, not only on account of its purely negroid features, but even more so by its typically Ethiopian braided pigtails, endings in rings and tassels. This head first appears in recent times in Nile Valley Civilizations, It has been seldom displayed among the other Olmec heads. 

​-        The first great Mesoamerican civilization.

-        Olmecs appeared to practice ritual bloodletting and played the Mesoamerican ballgame, hallmarks of nearly all subsequent Mesoamerican societies.

-        The Olmac civilization was first defined through artifacts that collectors purchased and considered among ancient America’s most striking.

-        Monumental sacred complexes, massive stone sculpture, ball games, chocolate drinking and animal gods were features of Olmac culture.

-        Believed to be of African ancestry by African scholars and are heralded as one of the foundations of the book by Ivan Van Sertima entitled “They Came Before Columbus”

-        The distinctly African features of a broad nose and thick lips led many to these conclusions.

-        Some say the noses and lips are thick because of dull tools, however, they have impeccable eyelids and hair. If one can carve an eyelid, then why not a narrow nose?​