-        1 tbs olice oil

-        1 small onion

-        1 small bell pepper

-        1 lb thinly cut ribeye

-        1 lb pepperjack cheese shredded

-        8 egg roll wrappers

-        Oil for frying


 -        Heat oil in a medium sized saucepan until reaches 350 degrees F. Use enough oil to cover the egg rolls completely without them resting on the bottom of the pan.

-        Thinly Slice Onions , peppers, and ribeye

-        Over medium heat, in a sauté pan, add olive oil, onions, and peppers, cool until peppers and onions have begun to sweat, about 2 minutes.

-        Add thinly sliced ribeye, and sauté until ribeye is cooked and onions are translucent. About 5-7 Minutes.

-        Add cheese, and stir until it is melted.

-        Evenly divide cooled mixture between the 8 egg roll wrappers, and fold according to package directions. Use water or egg wash to seal the egg rolls.

-        Now place egg rolls in the hot oil, making sure they are completely submerged and fry.

-        Fry in batches, to avoid over- crowding.

-        Cook until golden brown.

-        Remove egg rolls and put on a paper towel to absorb excess oil.

-        Serve and enjoy​​