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African Buffalo stand approximately 65 inches at the shoulder.


Dense forest to open plains. Plentiful supplies of grass, shade and water are essential habitat requirements for the savannah buffalo. They avoid wide open areas and flood plains which are far from shade. Buffalo drink regularly, often twice a day, and they frequently remain in the vicinity of water when feeding.

Diet - Herbivore

Buffalo are herbivorous grazers. They graze almost exclusively, but do include a small amount of browse in their diet.


Buffalo are gregarious, occurring in herds of up to several thousand. In the wild they are known to have lived up to 18 years.


Cows become sexually mature at +/- 3 years of age. The majority have their first calf at five years old and one thereafter every other year. Males that are 7 years or older usually mate with the females.


The gestation period is from 330 to 346 days and a single calf is born. Calf mortality is high with only about 20% reaching maturity.

Life Expectancy

18 to 20 years in the wild, up to 29 years in captivity.