18 feet; weight: Up to 3000 pounds.


Dry savannah woodland. Giraffes are found in arid and dry-savanna zones south of the Sahara, wherever trees occur.

Diet - Herbivore

Herbivorous browsers. When protected, giraffes can flourish in areas where food is abundant year round. Although they drink water when it's available, they can survive where it is scarce. Giraffe occasionally eat grass and fruits of various trees and shrubs, but their principal food source is the acacia tree.


Female giraffes tend to bond and form small herds of ten to twelve. Unless they are still under the care of their mothers, males are seldomly found in these herds. Females form what is known as nursery groups helping each other out, watching the young whilst others feed. Once old enough to care for themselves the young males branch off and form bachelor herds. Mature males leave the herd and tend to live alone until it is time to mate. A strong male will often mate with an enture herd of females.


Single young are born any time of the year.


The gestation period is 15 months.

Life Expectancy

28 years



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