​​​​​-        At the beginning of time Africans fed themselves from the earth , plant based diets have always been common in Africa ,  these diets significantly reduced the chances of developing chronic diseases plus promoting longevity and overall better health within Africans.

​-        Eating food and herbs thats pulled from the earth , grown from the SUN added to the natural vibration of the African people , living in optimum health. 

-               Animals were being watched and raised to contribute to the community when needed , alot of the meat was used in ritual ceremonies.

-        From the processed foods of today to the scraps forced upon slaves from there oppressor’s , these all play a major role in the chronic diseases that black people have suffered from for centuries and decades.

-        Black people have been taken away from there natural habitat and there natural way of living.

-        One must understand the origins of there ancestors diet to awake and do what is necessary to properly feed themselves and heighten there well being.