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Burchell's Zebra stands 45 to 55 inches at the shoulder.
Grevy's Zebra stands 50 to 60 inches at the shoulder.


Burchell's Zebra weighs 485 to 550 pounds.
Grevy's Zebra weighs 770 to 990 pounds.


Woodlands and open plains. Burchell's zebras inhabit savannas, from treeless grasslands to open woodlands; they sometimes occur in tens of thousands in migratory herds on the Serengeti plains. Grevy's zebras are now mainly restricted to parts of northern Kenya. Although they are adapted to semi-arid conditions and require less water than other zebra species, these zebras compete with domestic livestock for water and have suffered heavy poaching for their meat and skins.

Diet - Herbivore

Zebra are herbivores and avid grazers. Both Burchell's and Grevy's zebras are in constant search of green pastures. In the dry season, they can live on coarse, dry grass only if they are within a short distance of water holes.


Zebras lives in herds. Males are attached to their territory whilst the females are attached to their offspring. Little dominance is displayed within the herd except for mating rights a male might display over a female. When there are no females aroud, the male zebras cohabit in a friendly manner.


Single young born any time of the year.


The gestation period is 13 months.


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